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Company incorporation in Malaysia is easy:

paid-up capital can be RM1, we manage the incorporation online and guide you through 5 simple steps

What does the incorporation cost depend on?

Company secretary, setting up a compay, company registration in Malaysia
Company secretary, setting up a compay, company registration in Malaysia
Company secretary, setting up a compay, company registration in Malaysia

We specialize in the formation of private limited companies. For foreigners there’s a legal requirement especially on commission of oaths / notary public — so the incorporation costs more. For foreigners eager to relocate we’ve created packages that include visa application.

I am a Foreigner

Packages with Local Director and Employment Pass

Price from RM3,500

I am Malaysian

We can get your company registered within 1 day

Price from RM1,300

No hidden costs

Our prices come as they are, simple and straightforward.
RM1,050 government fee for incorporation is included. You always pay what you see.

Why iComSec?

Our intelligent technology and automation platform set up your new business in a streamlined and low-cost process. Our services include other corporate solution to all types of businesses.

  • Incorporation of company anytime, anywhere

  • Preparation of All Incorporation Documents

  • Filing Incorporation with SSM on Your Behalf

  • Certificate of Incorporation

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Why start a company in Malaysia?

We’ve all heard that Malaysia is a potential place for business operations. Now that we have talked about the incorporation details, let’s look at the business opportunities themselves. Here is a short list of industries flourishing in Malaysia for you to assess the opportunities.

Retail Industry

Offline shops have been in relative decline but Malaysians aren’t buying less, they just buy online. 62.9% of Malaysia’s population shop online and 20.3m more users will be doing it from 2020.

Software Industry

The economic rise of Malaysia relied heavily on hi-tech products. Over the last 60 years, the country has become a world-renowned technology hub. This atmosphere fosters great ideas.

Food Industry

Malaysians are known for their passionate love for food. National cuisines of other countries are always of high demand.

Construction Industry

Over the next 3 years, total construction demand is expected to be increased due to Government’s mega projects. The public sector is on the rise but there are a lot of private projects to join, too.

Real Estate Industry

Malaysia economy attracts businesses and employees from around the world, so there is a high demand for both residential and commercial estate.

Travel Industry

In 2018, 12.5 million international tourists visited Malaysia. That’s three times more than the entire population of the city-state. All these travelers are craving high-quality services.

Healthcare Industry

The ageing population and emerging medical tourism drive healthcare demand in Malaysia. New entrants may gain a considerable market share.

Publishing Industry

Malaysians are a nation of prolific readers. The city-state has one of the highest rates of literacy in the world.

Doing business in Malaysia

Ready to Start Your Company in Malaysia?

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